Jaelyn Fox’s Jurassic Cock movies

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When you are a pornstar you have to fuck all sorts of guys, that’s just part of the job. I’m not sure if Jaelyn Fox dreamed of fucking old guys like this when she joined the business! It doesn’t matter to her though, she loves to have sex on camera, it doesn’t matter who she’s fucking!

Jaelyn Fox was out riding her bike when she met two older guys that were playing chess. Curious as she were she went up to them to see what they were doing. They wasn’t very interested in her at first so she climbed up on their table, that called their attention! She let them feel her up before they brought her home to their place. Check out what happened:

The game of chess suddenly became un-interesting..

Jaelyn Fox sucks an old dick while getting her nipples licked.

Jaelyn Fox in a threesome with two guys that are old enough to be her grandfathers!

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Jaelyn Fox at The Dicksuckers

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Here comes 4 nice blowjob vids! Jaelyn Fox wears a tight black bikini while she sucks for cum, check it out:

Jaelyn Fox in her bikini, ready to suck dick. I really like her stomach in this pic!

Jaelyn Fox loves the feeling of having a stiff cock in her mouth. She rubs her pussy while sucking it.

Jaelyn Fox in action..

Jaelyn Fox can’t wait to taste that tasty cum!!

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Jaelyn Fox @ Jizz On MY Glasses

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Jaelyn Fox looks like a secretary in this scene, although not many secretaries wear a thong bikini and give blowjobs! Jaelyn Fox has become really good at giving blowjobs and she always try to see how far down her throat she can jam the cock. This scene was no exception!

Jaelyn Fox shows her titties.

Jaelyn Fox pulls her sexy thong aside, making her ass even sexier!

Jaelyn Fox got some sexy nails.. here she is rubbing her pussy on an orange couch.

Jaelyn Fox sucks some chubby guy’s cock.

Jaelyn Fox tries to deepthroat his dick. Mmm what a hot outfit she’s wearing!

Jaelyn Fox is a true master when it comes to blowjobs!

Jaelyn Fox gets a cock shoved in her mouth!

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Jaelyn Fox @ Babysitter Movies

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This movie is in flash so I don’t really have any screenshots from the movie, but here’s a pic from the scene:


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Jaelyn Fox softcore nubiles videos

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Jaelyn Fox looks so cute in these striptease video from Nubiles. They’re not entirely softcore though, when she gets naked she gets masturbated by some guy that happened to be near :)

What a cute little teenie :) Who could tell how dirty she really is by looking at this picture?

Jaelyn Fox’s firm teen boobies.

Jaelyn Fox gets her pussy rubbed by some horny guy.

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Jaelyn Fox Deepthroat Love movie

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Jaelyn Fox shows that she can deepthroat both cocks and sausages in this clip!

Jaelyn is really cute and has quite the deepthroat talent. First we tested her on a banana and our massive sausage, she did really good with the sausage, taking down something like 11 inches, so we brought in our 10 inch cock. After that, we saw her true passion for sucking cock. After she got fucked, she slurped down all 10 inches and took the cumshow down straight to her stomach.

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Jaelyn Fox at 18 With Proof, Part III

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Alright guys, last update from this series. At least for pictures, I’m gonna see if I can get my hands on some movies in the future :)

Jaelyn Fox continues where she left off; fucking a huge schlong!

Jaelyn Fox loves to feel a big dick inside of her.

Jaelyn Fox keeps on riding cock, in a new position.

Jaelyn Fox teases with her fine ass.. she’s ready for some doggy style pounding!

Jaelyn Fox takes a rough slamming from behind!

Closeup shot of Jaelyn Fox’s juicy ass getting drilled.

Jaelyn Fox takes a big facial!

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Jaelyn Fox at 18 With Proof, Part II

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More pics from Jaelyn Fox’s 18 With Proof scene! I’m pretty sure she’s around twenty years now but who cares right :-p As long as I get to see Jaelyn Fox getting her brains fucked out I couldn’t care less! It’s a pretty big cock Jaelyn takes on here, but she’s a pro and handles it well!

This is just one of the many large cocks Jaelyn Fox has encountered over the years.. She’s having a hard time trying to jam it far down her throat!

Damn I would’ve loved to get my dick sucked by Jaelyn Fox. Those are some pretty eyes looking up at the guy she blows.

More blowjob action from Jaelyn Fox!

Jaelyn Fox gets her pussy stuffed with a big wiener.

Jaelyn Fox takes a hard pounding in bed!

Jaelyn Fox wanted to suck that big dick just a liiittle more before she put it back in her pussy.

Jaelyn Fox in only her boots sits on top of a huge cock.

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Jaelyn Fox porntube movies

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A friend of mine recently started a great site that I felt I needed to share with you.

He has tons of free movies, all categorized after pornstar names. Jaelyn Fox has her own section of course!

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Jaelyn Fox at 18 With Proof, Part I

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I’ve got a new huge picture series with Jaelyn Fox for you :D

It takes me some time to make these posts so again I will divide the updates into parts. These pics are from 18 With Proof, which are part of the Nerdpass Network. This has been my favorite porn network lately, a lot of updates with a lot of different babes. They also have our favorite girl Jaelyn Fox, so that’s a huge plus!

Check out the first batch of images here:

Jaelyn Fox at the beach. Look, we can see her nipples! :-p

Jaelyn Fox has never been accused of being shy.. here she is flashing her tits at the beach.

Mmm.. very cute body.

Jaelyn Fox keeps on flashing her titties in public.

Nice! Jaelyn Fox steps into the beach shower and gets her top all wet and seethrough!

Another great seethrough action from Jaelyn Fox!

Check back in a couple of days for some hardcore pics from this series!

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